Investment Casting Excellence






We believe that Niagara Investment Castings represents Investment Casting Excellence.  We believe what we offer is an innovative and cost effective manufacturing process, backed up by proven Customer service and support.


Here are 10 reasons why we hope YOU will feel this same way …



 #1  –  High Quality at Competitive Rates

We are well aware of the dire changes to the metalcasting industry over the past 15 years due to the negative impact of low cost country imports.  Inconsistency and quality problems have forced casting users to ask their preferred domestic vendors to rise to the occasion to present viable alternatives to offshore sourcing.  Recognizing the need for consistently improving value for our customers, we have been successful in reducing our costs while improving our products, through innovation, technology, and efficiencies throughout our plant.  What didn’t get sacrificed was quality.  We are certified to the strict processexcellence-jigsaw controls of ISO9001, and maintain a consistent customer returns rate which is the envy of our competition.

#2  –  Flexible and Responsive to Your Needs

Our company was built on service, and we like to believe that the greatest accomplishments we make are based on the flexibility and responsiveness we offer our Customers.  How do these traits benefit our clients?  A customer once told us that an analogy about their satisfaction when working with Niagara Investment Castings would be the comparison of when they source a 1/4″ drillbit, it is interesting to consider that they really don’t care about buying a drill…… truth is their ultimate objective was to get a 1/4″ hole.  We like to think they hit the drill bit on the head.  We believe in this philosophy when it comes to how we want to be considered to our clients. Sometimes our customers don’t just want a product; they want a solution. We listen to uncover our customer’s unique needs, and then provide our products and services as solutions. It’s not about what we are selling – it’s about how what we’re selling can help the customer. Whether it be in terms of helping to develop a casting to replace a problematic process, meeting with our clients to work towards better alloys or designs for a particular situation, or as simple as providing a rush delivery on a casting needed to get somebody out of a bind, we strive to help each of our customers to solve their unique material sourcing problems.

#3 – Hands On Assistance

The prospect of a manufacturer converting from a familiar but inefficient manufacturing process in favor of investment casting can be intimidating if you don’t know the process.  We try to make the conversion as easy as we can, by working directly with our Customers to come up with the best way to incorporate the many benefits of investment castings with their requirements.  We are with you every step of the way from concept to completion.  Want to be sure the final design will work?  No problem with our fast rapid prototyping capabilities.  Within days of a design completion, we can have three dimensional patterns printed from CAD data and on our shop floor to be cast in exacting detail in the alloy of your choice.

#4  –  Process Control & Predictable Deliveries

Our modern metal casting facility utilizes the most advanced technology available, including a real-time bar code MRP system which not only delivers the critical process information to our team members on the shop floor exactly when it is needed, but allows us to know where any job is during the manufacturing process.  Critical information exchange like this is key to ensuring our product quality, but we also know that it doesn’t matter how good your castings are if they don’t get to you when you need them.  This system allows us to operate with a proven and consistent delivery expectation that our Customers know they can bank on!!

#5  –  Technologically Advanced Processes

Investment castings have been around ever since early man wrapped beeswax in clay, but the process became most coveted during World War II when the need to produce similar components as quickly as possible became critical.  The process has evolved and been refined ever since. In fact, Niagara Investment Castings Division, is one of the most modern investment casting facilities in Canada.  Just as an example of how we have used technology to advance our capabilities, we utilize robotics for the critical task of shell building, we offer both ceramic and soluble wax coring to be able to cast virtually any internal geometry, and we use three dimensional solidification modeling for design and testing of our feeding systems before the job even hits the shop floor. In the past year alone, we have also installed an ergonomically superior molten metal handling system, as well as the most environmentally friendly flash fire de-waxing system available.  Our commitment to our sustainability through utilizing the latest technologically advanced processes continues.  

#6  –  No Offshore Outsourcing

While many of our competitors have made the decision to “join ‘em” when they couldn’t “beat ‘em”, we have taken a far different approach to reselling import castings.  We will not do it, period.  While we understand that there is a market for “cheap” castings produced in uncontrolled conditions, we believe that the word “Value” in what you get for your dollar is much more important to our clients.  Our consistent growth in the face of these cheap imports tells us our Customers agree with us.

#7  –  Support Services

Do you need your castings machined?  Heat treated?  Plated?  Polished?  We offer castings finished to your specifications, because the point is you need to get your components and get them in your products and out to your clients too.  Tell us what you need us to do to add value to the castings, and we are ready to assist you however we can with our support services.

#8  –  Experience

Niagara Investment Castings started our precision castings division in 1989, but that was not the start of our story.  In fact, we were a producer of castings using other processes long before many of our competitors even contemplated getting into the same business as us.  The desire to continually improve our product offerings was what led us to the precision castings that can be produced by investment casting, and to this day, we continue to refine our manufacturing methods to take advantage of the experience we have in flowing molten metal into near net shapes.

#9  –  Qualifications Matter

Whether it is one piece or tens of thousands, you take the quality of your castings seriously, and so do we.  We have been certified to ISO9001, but it doesn’t stop there.  Our customers perform their own in-depth quality assurance audits on us on a regular basis, and we would warmly welcome a visit from your QA auditors as well.  We have obtained certifications to produce castings for industries such as nuclear, pressure related, military, and many others.

#10  –  Innovation

The alternative to always improving how we conduct our business, is that we fall by the wayside, and that is not an option to us.  We recognize our Clients have options when it comes to sourcing the metal components they count on to help build their products, and we are always working hard to remain their first choice as a preferred vendor.  To do this, we believe that Innovation is key.  We are always looking for cutting edge new ways to produce quality castings to fully meet our Clients needs at the lowest cost, through innovative ideas, ensuring a well trained and skillful workforce, and implementing the most advanced technologies our industry can offer.