Markets Served

Investment castings are all around us, used in a wide range of products, from simple tools, building hardware, and automobiles … to critical applications including nuclear reactors, high pressure pumps and valves, and the turbine blades of every jet engine.  More and more design engineers are calling for investment castings at the design stage, and many users of metal components from other manufacturing processes are finding cost savings by converting to investment castings.
As new products are designed and outsourced for manufacturing, investment castings continue to grow in popularity, providing a low cost option for the manufacturers of variety of metal components needed for tomorrows technologies.  
Niagara Investment Castings is proud to provide our quality investment castings for our customers in many diverse industries.   Here is a short list to illustrate just a few of the many industries we serve :

And many more!!  Please contact one of our knowledgeable Sales Technicians to get started with your project !!