Message from our Business Manager

As one of my first responsibilities as the new Business Manager of Niagara Investment Castings, it is my pleasure to be able to welcome you to our website.

In the past few years, our company has seen significant change, starting in March of 2015 as we ended our 60 plus years as Johnson Matthey Precision Castings, and moved forward as Niagara Investment Castings under the ownership of Asahi Refining Canada. Since that time, we have enjoyed a renewed sense of opportunity and enthusiasm from the dedicated people at Asahi as our new owners, and I am happy to say that continues today.

Most recently, another significant event took place as we bid farewell to our General Manager Mr. Keith Neureuther after 43 years of devotion and unparalleled commitment to the success of our company. Keith entered his well-deserved retirement on January 1 of 2017, and leaves us with a respected and dynamic metalcasting company that I am proud to now have the opportunity to carry forward in that tradition that Keith built, and more importantly, grow on it as well.

If I have learned anything during my 22 years at this company, it is that our business is one that is always in a state of change. From the onset of offshore castings flooding our markets over these past 25 years decimating the domestic foundry industry, to the ever-changing triumphs and defeats that our clients must deal with as the markets they serve go through the cyclical nature of those industries, we have had to learn to adapt to being more than just a supplier of investment castings to our clients, we must learn how to become a valuable partner to them. I have learned that we must continually seek out new opportunities to serve not only our existing customer base in the very best ways we can, but to explore new opportunities for growth in new areas we have yet to discover.

I have been proud to be a part of our growth to a multi-million dollar manufacturer of high quality investment castings for our 200 plus customers all over the world during my 22 years, the most recent of those as Plant Manager, and I am sincerely excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for myself in my new role as Business Manager, and I know our dedicated team is up to the task as well as we move forward into 2017 and beyond.

I am also proud that our company recognizes the vital importance of continuing to embrace changes in the technology employed by our industry.  Just as we have always done in our past, I believe strongly that we need to continue to keep our focus on these changes to remain a leading, trusted, and competitive supplier of quality investment castings to our valued clients well into the future. I am pleased that our ownership is dedicated to making sure my team has all that is needed available to them to meet this goal, and I am devoted to making sure Niagara Investment Castings emerges stronger, and as a better company, with every passing year going forward.

I recognize that our continued dedication to the health and safety of our people, the environment, and the way we conduct our business, are the key elements of meeting our company’s goal of sustainability of our business.  We are proud to be celebrating over 60 years of business at our St. Catharines location, and it is my intention to continue to ensure our people know they are the most important element of this successful business, and that they each have not only my support, but the support of our entire management and ownership group.

On behalf of all of us at Niagara Investment Castings, I want to thank you for coming to visit our website. I hope you will find it informative and helpful as you learn how our investment castings can improve quality, lower your costs, and offer design solutions previously thought not available.

Please also know that this site is just a starting point, and that we are here to assist you.

Simply use the “Got A Question” section on our homepage for an immediate reply to any questions you may have.  Or, just look for the “Request a Quote” button on any page if you have an existing casting or a conversion which you would like to have us evaluate.  Finally, feel free to call or email myself, or any of our team, using the detailed information found on our Contact Us page.

Enjoy your visit to our site, and thanks for your interest in Niagara Investment Castings. It will be our pleasure to assist you with your investment casting requirements.

John Pagnotta
General Manager / Business Manager
Niagara Investment Castings