Niagara Investment Castings’s Investment Casting Capabilities

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  • Precision investment castings from ounces to 200 lbs in weight
  • Castings produced in most engineering materials including low and high steels, stainless steels, tool steels, nickel based alloys, cobalt based alloys, and copper based alloys.
  • Lost wax tool design and manufacturing, from simple single cavity to multi-cavity and semi or fully automated tools.
  • Full machining services.
  • All NDT testing capabilities including radiography, magnetic particle inspection, liquid penetrant inspection, and ultrasound.
  • Full metals testing capabilities including chemical analysis, mechanical testing, charpy testing, metallography, grain size analysis, and corrosion testing.
  • Full range of heat treatment processing including annealing, solution annealing, normalizing, quench and temper hardening, case hardening, nitriding, and age hardening.
  • In-house rapid prototyping capability utilizing state-of-the-art 3D wax printing technology.
  • Robotic shell building to ensure repeatability of shell quality and consistency between castings.
  • Automated wax injection for large volume production requirements.
  • Computerized Solidification Modelling to ensure sound castings prior to the job going to the shop floor for production.
  • Assistance with clients designs utilizing Solidworks three dimensional drawing capabilities.
  • Full range of surface treatments available including passivation, plating, painting, or polishing. In-house surface preparations include shot blast, grit blast, sand blast, and glass beading.